Yeah, we know, 10.5(ish) miles is a weird distance.  We actually came up with a course we thought would be best and most easily repeatable since the weather can be so variable year after year.  We also had our volunteers in mind and wanted the safest options for them as well.  One thing is sure, if you push yourself, you are going to have one heck of an experience out there.

Please note, due to the terrain there will be NO aid stations along the course.  Please come prepared and bring your own water and snacks.  We recommend everyone carry liter of water.  Time to put that new hydration pack to use!!

More course details coming soon!

Course map:

Another one:
Red square= start and finish
Red line= first loop (counter clock-wise)
Blue line= 2nd loop to finish (clock-wise)

Quick, a video of the general landscape: